UPDATE! (01/10/08)

Thank you SO much everyone! As of 01/10/08 we have recieved a little over $500! Bless You!!

Hello Everyone!

I want to thank Alasdair Carter for his awesome message on Karmyn Kast 21 and Ed Ovett and Ron Stroope for the idea of a donation button for my sister and her family! If you do not know! Last week my sisters house burned down...completely! It was horrible and devestating as I'm sure you understand. I put up an address for them via my mom for any support.

Thank you SO much in advance for your donation! Any amount is welcome and it will REALLY help the girls out this Christmas!

God Bless You,


If you would like to send a gift via the mail, please email my sister at: txdminter@yahoo.com

Here is a link to the Texarkana Gazette article that they put on the front page of the paper the following day!

And here is a link to my Initial posts to my blog: